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Blueprint For Black Power Chapter 2 (Part 2) By Amos Wilson

Blueprint for Black Power Chapter 2 Part 2 #WeAreReading 35

Salama family. We completed chapter 2 of Blueprint For Black Power last Saturday. This chapter is where Baba Amos starts to give a blueprint. Amongst other things, he builds on the work of Chancellor Williams (from The Destruction of Black Civilization) and suggests a structure for a national organization of African people in America, as seen in the image below. Wilson accepts that this is a very grand plan and perhaps quite daunting, he points out that β€œit or a similar plan must be actualized if the Afrikan American community is to empower itself to the maximum extent possible” (p.54).

Baba Amos makes clear, as he often did, that this is not just an academic exercise. Rather, the survival of the African community in America and indeed worldwide depends on a serious ramping up of our organising capacity:

As little more than an aggregate of individuals, isolated groups and loose reactionary confederacies of weak organisations, the community is literally prostrate before other well-organ…

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We Are Reading with Ely Wananda πŸ“š
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