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Blueprint For Black Power Chapter 3 (Part 2) By Amos Wilson

#WeAreReading 37

Habari za Leo Mwafrika? Welcome to the latest edition of our We Are Reading! We finished Chapter 3 of Blueprint, which involved a detailed analysis and critique of the Black Church in the US. Baba Amos also gave a brief, favourable review of the Nation of Islam, particularly in its incarnation under Elijah Mohammed. I’ve included some bookmarks below if you want to skip to the sections that sound most intriguing. See you this weekend for the next instalment, and please do share with your friends and family so they can sign up and get access to our full archive of book readings and discussions.

04:22 Religious Institutions and Power (p.67)

12:15 The Institutional Black Church (p.68)

57:20 The Black Church and the Myth of Individualism (p.75)

1:38:00 The Nation of Islam (p.80)

See you next time!


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