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Blueprint For Black Power Chapter 4 By Amos Wilson

#WeAreReading 38

Salama, my people! We covered Chapter 4 of Blueprint For Black Power yesterday. It was another banger. Baba Amos delved into the subject of Consciousness and Power. He defined consciousness and states of consciousness and taught us how it is possible to control a person and a group by controlling their states of consciousness. Below are some bookmarks for ease of viewing, and I look forward to our next edition this coming Sunday. I love getting your feedback and comments, so do holler at your bro!

05:28 Consciousness and Power (p.85)

18:18 Marimba Ani’s concept of the β€œAsili” [question from Chat]

21:16 Consciousness Incarnates into the Body (p.87)

36:42 Social Control Theory: Consciousness as an Instrument of Social Control (p.89)

59:22 The Functional Elements of Consciousness: How Afrikan Consciousness is Disempowered and Empowered (p.91)

1:23:00 Group Consciousness (p.94)

1:35:15 White Consciousness versus Black Consciousness (p.96)

1:51:33 The Realization of Afrikan Consciousness (p.96)

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