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What is Power? By Amos Wilson

Blueprint for Black Power Chapter 1 #WeAreReading 32

Habari za leo watu wangu? Here is the full video of our first live stream on Amos Wilson’s Blueprint For Black Power. Please like and share widely to help grow our community. This was a hugely enjoyable stream with so many excellent insights and comments from the live chat.

Baba Amos Wilson was a laser-sharp thinker consumed with a desire for the liberation of African people worldwide. By the time we finish this book, we will be in a much better position to play our part in our collective elevation.

As ever, please let me know any feedback you have and I’ll see you for the next live stream which should be in two weeks. I’m going to spread out the streams a bit more to give us more time to catch up with previous sessions and to allow time for reflection.

Salama (Peace)

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